Amphitheatre Foundation carries out projects and programs for a specialised public, as well as for the general public. In the past years, the organisation has accumulated relevant expertise in several key fields: creative industries, tourism, health, human resources.


  1. Creative industries

“Amalgam” International Theatre Festival (

CALEIDO is a cultural platform that allows building intercultural dialogues between cultural and ethnical minorities from Romania.

The idea of a multicultural festival arose against a background of intolerance in Romania and Europe. This festival is a mind and road opener through well told stories. The Romanian theatre’s ethnical heritage is not as known to the general public as it ought to be.

National Salon of Touristic Photography (

National Salon of Touristic Photography promotes talent and passion for photography, coming from both amateurs and professionals. Launched in 2006, it gathered over 3500 contestants with more than 40.000 photos seen by at least 200.000 visitors (at the exhibitions or online).

VIP Superlatives and VIP Awards, together with VIP Magazine

The VIP Superlatives’ Gala traditionally became the event where competitivity and performance reached during the past year within various fields are highlighted. This annual event is forgone by several other similar, periodic events at a smaller scale.

Currently, this program runs under the motto “People of Change”.

The program “Communities’ identities and experiences” (

Innovation and creativity form the strongest vector of the communities’ development and of valuing anthropic and natural resources. On this line, Romanian communities’ and resources’ diversity represents an immense development potential.

Identity mosaics and local creativity traditions bring value and can ensure competitiveness for local products and services, be they natural, cultural or touristic products. The involvement of creative industries, research and development activities can grant these products’ access to the national, European and international circuit.

Valuing and promoting identities, experiences and local products in the context of a new technological environment has been a constant and coherent pursuit of the foundation.


  1. Tourism

Responsible tourism (

The potential of Romanian tourism is the cornerstone of our hypothesis, according to which the development of this field can be carried out through practicing and promoting a responsible tourism. Although worldwide this type of tourism is acknowledged and respected, in Romania it is not found on any public or professional agenda. Therefore, “nolens volens”, we are pioneers in promoting this approach.

Romanian Centre of Tourism Resources (

Romanian Centre of Tourism Resources in an activity integrator promoter in the field of tourism whose approach, in Romania, is adequate to the concept of responsible tourism. The various resources used and the ones that have a direct relationship with tourism and its development are: updated information, access to expertize, trainings, studies development, reports, databases, identifying partners, developing networks and partnerships.

The program is implemented through 12 Regional Centres of Tourism Resources which concretely respond to local and regional tourism development needs.

Health tourism (

The program aims to create a communication platform between tourism experts and health experts in order to identify the main specific resources for this type of tourism, both in Romania and worldwide, but also to integrate health tourism in a system.


  1. Health

United under the Health Amphitheatre program, the activities include conferences, scientific and professional publications, courses, intranet software etc. Specialists, researchers, decision makers and many more participate to these activities in order to identify and apply coherent, acceptable and feasible solutions. We support the access to valuable national expertise according to European and international trends.


  1. Human resources

European funding programs (applicant or partner)

Since 2005, we have organised events for disseminating and understanding the effects of Romania’s adherence to the European Union (especially for community leaders). After this stage, old projects and programs have been consolidated and modernised by accessing European funds.

Some numbers:

  • 28 finalised European projects;
  • 12 human resources regional centres;
  • Over 700 events;
  • Over 6000 counselled, trained and qualified persons;
  • Over 10000 people who benefited of vocational training in the health field;
  • 8 social economic structures;
  • 15 information, promotion and communication websites;    
  • Specialised medical Intranet software;
  • Studies, strategies, plans and analyses for communities’ development.


The “Amphitheatre” Education, Development and Research Centre ( responds to the needs of the foundation’s programs, but also to external requests through its expertise, scientific knowledge and credentials.

Amphitheatre Conferences (

Amphitheatre Conferences scientific program consists in organising scientific conferences having themes of major concern, editing scientific works and publications, developing debate and content platforms around the foundation’s area of expertise.

Health Romania Cluster (

Following the evaluation of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA), Heath Romania Cluster has received Bronze for Cluster Management Excellence.

This process was carried out in conformity with the Excellence Cluster European Initiative (ECEI), launched in 2009 by the European Union through the Innovation and Competitivity Program.

Obtaining Bronze for Cluster Management Excellence, valid for a period of two years, attests, at a European level, the fact that Health Romania Medical Cluster is indeed focused on reaching excellency in the field of health and medical sciences.

The ESCA evaluation was focused on analysing the Health Romania Medical Cluster management, carried out by the Amphitheatre Foundation, over six dimensions: structure, management and coordination, strategy, finance, accomplishments, visibility and services.

This acknowledgment is an important step in the evolution of the Health Romania Medical Cluster and in its consolidation on the internal and international markets.

Glocal Romania” Cluster (

The main purpose of the cluster is to build up reputation and to strengthen trust in the quality of the communities’ products and services, promoted in Romania and abroad by the cluster’s members. Through strengthening the territory’s structure and characteristics, this cluster is a window of opportunity used as a sustainable economic development instrument. “Glocal Romania” Cluster is Amphitheatre Foundation’s initiative – an NGO whose mission is to support and contribute to the upgrading of Romanian people’s and communities’ identities, in the context of social development, knowledge and of the accelerated processes of European integration and globalisation.     

The companies specialised in the execution of the foundation’s programs (, are affiliated entities that have the technical, financial and logistical capacity to ensure the necessary standards for running the activities.