About us


Established in 2000, Amphitheatre Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation whose activity has continuously developed and adapted, thus becoming a generous umbrella for over 150 cultural, educational, scientific, training, touristic, health, social and environmental programs.

Main branches of our activity:

  • Popularity and promotion (The Superlatives and VIP Awards, Romanian Tourism Superlatives, Youth’s Superlatives, Romani Superlatives, events within the “Sibiu – European Capital of Culture” program, National Salon of Touristic Photography etc.);
  • Cultural-scientific (conferences, journals, books etc.);
  • Publishing (books, albums, occasional publications, websites etc.);
  • Professional-scientific (publications, congresses, forums, seminars, conferences), especially in the field of tourism, health, culture, human resources, public administration, developing communities etc.
  • Developing partnerships and working mechanisms that connect theory with practice, the public sector with the private one;
  • Including the results in the international circuit.



Amphitheatre Foundation’s mission is to support and contribute to the upgrading of Romanian people’s and communities’ identities, in the context of social development, knowledge and of the accelerated processes of European integration and globalisation.


  • The integrity of programs, projects, as well as that of the people that produce them;
  • Enterprising spirit and initiative, self-confidence, leadership;
  • Responsible behaviour;
  • Knowing the communities’ values, respect and local adaptation;
  • Innovative ideas;
  • Respect for a job well done;
  • Global vision, local action.